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Rients Autobiography

Hello there ! I am Rients Draaisma.
You okay ? Hope so…

You stumbled upon my autobiography
which means you probably want to know
a little more about me. I appreciate that.

Here are a few words about my life in music.

The first 12 years of my life I spent all
time I had on drawing comics and listening to
my favourite bands `Yes` and `Weather Report`.
Till the tape wore out. Then when I was 12 my
parents gave me a guitar, which was like pure
magic to me. I remember having one of those old
ghettoblaster radio`s and being obsessively
drawn to recording my own songs. I forgot about
my comics very quickly.

I loved Yes.To an unreasonable degree.
Later on I started to get curious in other music.
In Musicmaker ( magazine ) I saw a article about
a band called Tribal Tech. I almost swallowed
my head the first time I heard that. It was again
a life-changing experience. Similar responses
happened when I heard:Allan Holdsworth,
Frank Gambale, Kyr van der Werf,
John Mclaughlin, John Scofield,
Steve Vai,Steve Lukther,Andy Timmons,
Jimmy Herring, Jeff Beck, Jan Akkerman,
Genesis, Dream Theater,Spocks Beard,
The Brecker Brothers,Gentle Giant,
Mike Keneally, and countless more
amazing musicians.

So I locked myself up. Practicing and
recording 24/7 which resulted in an amazing
list of cds and tons of studio experience.
The idea of having a blanco paper and the freedom
to draw whatever is in my head on it,
has always been something magical to
me and continues to be my drive.

Looking back it`s amazing 
how I`ve grown on many
levels in my life. I`m really
greatfull for that.
I had a GREAT run sofar.

So if you came this far:
Thankyou for reading.

Bye now,




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